Casino- from what everything was started

Casino it is something that immerse you into attractive atmosphere of games and reality. It impressed from the first glance, but it was so not every time. The appearance of the first game houses in the US was noticed at the beginning of the XIX century. By the middle of the same century there was a gold rush in the Wild West. The West attracted not only prospectors, but also other seekers of luck – sharers and casino owners. In gambling, everyone who attended saloons participated.

Las Vegas until the 40-ies of the 20 century could not boast of the presence of fashionable casinos, there were only questionable game clubs. Only in the 50’s the city began to appear the glory of the capital of gambling. While Europe was filled with luxurious gaming salons and casino link, the US gaming establishments were low-grade clubs with often criminal publics. His heyday and glory, Las Vegas, is obliged to bandit Benjamin Bagsy Sigel, whose specialization was bookmaking betting. At that time in the eastern states of the country gambling was banned, and in the western states, prospered. This was done in order to raise revenues after the Great Depression. Bugsy became the man who decided to start creating the first chic casino in Las Vegas. Mafia did not really like how Bugsy was doing business with construction, and it was decided to “clean” it. The murder of Bugsy, however, was postponed until the opening of the institution.

“Flamingo” opened its doors on 26.09.1947. The opening ceremony was attended by celebrities and Hollywood stars. This did not particularly affect the sad finale – the casino was expecting ruin. And yet the creators of the Flamingo became pioneers.

To date, Vegas – the world’s “gambling” capital. The number of casinos is estimated in dozens, the schedule of work is round the clock and without days off. Every year, Vegas attends 30 million tourists. At the opening of the famous casino “Aezert Inn”, its owner publicly threw out the key, saying that it was no longer necessary. It’s true – casino doors do not close.

In order to popularize the resorts of New Jersey and Atlantic City, there were also massively opened clubs of gambling. Nevada is generally famous for the growing number of casinos. In Canada, the opening of state-owned casinos was in the early 90s of the last century. The goal was also to attract tourists. North America boasts a record for the saturation of game clubs.

The existence of the first casino was seen in ancient Greece. Visitors were wealthy citizens who during the Olympic competitions made bets.